People will pay more to be ENTERTAINED than they will to be EDUCATED.

Financially, I don't know how true Johnny's statement is. However, having worked with students from 4 to  94 years old, it is extremely true when it pertains to the investment of time and attention. More information is coming at us faster and in greater volume than ever before.

It’s not so much that we want to know WHAT’S ON, we want to know WHAT ELSE IS ON!

The attention span of adult learners is getting increasingly short, making training that much more difficult. Jerry Seinfeld explained this best when he discussed the television viewing and remote control habits of an adult male- "It's not so much that we want to know WHAT'S ON, we want to know WHAT ELSE IS ON! Research has clearly shown that students of any age are best motivated by an approach which combines both intellectual AND emotional material. 

A laugh is the shortest distance between two people.
— Victor Borge

All of Wayne's seminars and workshops seek to Make Learning Memorable™ by using magic, comedy and a great deal of audience interaction to communicate the message. Humor and illusions build a rapport which help to overcome the resistant that is often present in adult learners. This creates a fast paced, informative, fun atmosphere in which to learn and grow.

Laughter- It’s more than good medicine, it’s essential to the soul!
— Wayne Gignac


Choosing the right topic for your event doesn't have to be stressful.  With over 20 years of speaking and event planning experience, Wayne can guide you through the process of choosing a topic that best meets your outcomes.  Whether you need a 20 minute keynote, a half day workshop, or a conference emcee, the process of identifying what you want your group to leave feeling, knowing and doing can be easily determined.  Contact Wayne by clicking the "LEARN MORE" button at the bottom of the page to get the conversation started.

Below is a short list of Wayne's most popular talks and workshops.


That's what your employees will say after attending this informative, humorous and magical seminar. Guaranteed to be the most enjoyable and rewarding time you will ever have while learning. Quick witted humor, amazing feats of magic, and audience participation, makes this one of the most talked about seminars Wayne offers. Unsuspecting participants are left in a state of laughter with side effects of increased energy, relaxation and an uncommon desire to get the job done. This particular program has been experienced by thousands of employees in hundreds of companies throughout the United States.


    Imagine life with no stress! No tension! No headaches! No sleepless nights! WAKE UP! It can't happen . . .or can it? It can, IF your realize one thing? Life is meant to be stressful! Wayne shows you how to use humor as a bridge builder to put a "positive deposit" in your "people account" to give you something to borrow on when change or conflict occurs. In addition , attendees learn how to ward off stress BEFORE it happens. 


    Whether you're in the classroom or a training room, Wayne takes the philosophy that has made The Show Works™ seminars popular and explains the How's and Why's to getting your students attention, keeping it, and then 'winning the right to be heard'. Learn tips and techniques, used by Wayne and other successful teachers and trainers, to have a measurable impact on your students and their educational outcomes.


    Wayne brings the clear and unmistakable message that laughter, humor, and the ability to poke fun at ourselves in spite of seemingly insurmountable situations unlocks our inhibitions and contributes to our natural healing process. 


    Wayne's approach to customer service affirms that "You can't take good care of anything or anyone until you learn to take good care of yourself."  The focus needs to change from the twentieth century obsession with time management and work/life balance to an inner understanding of work/life satisfaction through personal energy management. Learn techniques to increase your production level while decreasing your fatigue at work and play, dispel the myths about energy, to increase a sense of joy in your job, relationships and life. 


    I know that everyone who attended really enjoyed your humor and magic as well as learned something on how to be more joyful and less stressed out, and I’m sure that their Mondays will never be the same!

    — Pennie Else, Connecticut Association of Purchasing Management
    You did a wonderful job of entertaining the Webster Five group, imparting a serious message in a painless — in fact, tremendously enjoyable — way.
    — Virginia C. McDonald, VP-Director of Human Relations, Webster Five Cents Savings Bank
    Here’s the brochure on that ‘very funny guy’ I mentioned last week. I’ll bet he comes with a nice price tag, but worth every bit he would charge. He was by far THE best opening speaker at a conference I’ve heard in all my years.
    — Pam Bacon, P&C Associates
    You were sensational! I have only heard good things from the members who attended. My only regret is that the entire membership was not present. They sure did miss out.
    — Holly B. Delage, The Institute of Internal Auditors-Granite State Chapter

    Partial Client List

    Iowa AIB
    Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
    McDonald’s - Ohio Owner/Operators
    Miami AIB
    Minnesota AIB
    Narcotics Anonymous
    New England AIB Conference (Keynote)
    Sacred Heart University
    Texas AIB
    United Network for Organ Sharing
    United States Coast Guard
    US Navy MWR
    YMCA Youth Leadership Conference

    American Institute of Banking National Convention
    American Society of Training & Development - CT Chapter
    Bankers Educational Foundation
    Capitol Region Education Council
    Century 21
    Chelsea Groton Savings Bank
    Connecticut Board of Governors For Higher Education
    Department of Dining Services Regional Association
    Eastern Connecticut State University
    Financial Women International
    Foxwoods Casino
    Houston AIB