A popularizer on a number of subjects, Wayne mixes his passion for research & inquiry with his entertainment background to create an experience that people won’t soon forget.  In case you were wondering how he came to this point in his career, please read on.


Wayne's career path began at a very early age, spending every Saturday at the Otis Library he could be found sitting on the floor in section 793.8 – the Dewey decimal classification for magic books. It wasn’t long before he had developed an act and was performing for classmates. At the age of 9, he had his first paid show performing at a neighborhood halloween party for 250 children and their parents.

Wayne went on to earn a degree in communications and a teaching certificate. After years working in the corporate world and a stint as a high school teacher, he set off for the footlights to begin a rather successful career as an edutainer (the art of presenting educational content in an entertaining way). He focused on creating and performing motivational programs in schools throughout New England, educating over 250,000 students and their families on a variety subjects from honesty, responsibility, self-esteem, goal-setting, doing good, and the importance of reading.

Turning Point

In 1989, while still in the corporate world, a visit to a doctor would change the trajectory of Wayne's passion, focus, and ultimately his career. Apparently, severe chest pains of the “heart-attack” that he thought he was experiencing was just one of the many symptoms of stress. This led him to read dozens of books on stress, uncovering the positive effects and health benefits that humor and laughter have on reducing stress.

Career Change

Wayne began consulting and was enlisted as the first outside consultant to assist the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe in writing and presenting the first customer service training program for Foxwoods Casino. Personally training over 16,000 employees in his Taking Care of You™️ approach, Wayne was soon “discovered” by other industries, leading to a number of cross country training tours for the banking and healthcare fields.

2001 was a year filled with ups and downs. Awkward Moments in Everyday Life, a book Wayne coauthored with his wife, Laura (the true brains of the operation), and their friends the Segels, was published just a few months before the tragic day in September.

Field study

The subsequent downturn in the economy and the insistent habit that his family had grown accustomed to–EATING–led to a decision to once again join the security of a steady paycheck in corporate America. This turned out to be a 14 year “field study” in Dilbert’s world as Wayne rose through the corporate ranks. He "clawed" his way from a series of cubicles to eventually occupying a corner office where he could put the techniques that he had previously taught to other corporate brethren to the test.  This led to some wonderful insights, encouraging him to take more courses and read dozen's of books on a variety of subjects (thanks to Audible and a long commute). This new found knowledge, ultimately lead to the development of new techniques and programs, to aid in developing a better more productive and joyful work/life experience.


In 2016, the decision was made to refocus on the consulting business, and infusing it with these newfound insights and inspiration. Wayne is excited to bring updated, more entertaining talks and workshops to audiences around the country.

If you previously experienced one of his workshops or talks then you know how impactful it was. Somewhere in the bottom of your drawer you may find one of the over thirteen thousand red clown noses Wayne has given away. Dust it off, put it on and give him a call, even if it’s just to reminisce.

Wayne lives in Connecticut with his wife Laura, where they are happily experiencing an empty nest after raising their five children. Family, having always been a source of joy has just been exponentially increased by the addition of their first grandchild.